First Bite #126 – December 01, 2020

Food Freedom with the Get Permission Approach

(.1 ASHA and AOTA CEUs) For more info, click here.

Course Description

In this episode, Michelle is joined by January 2021, OTR/L, MED, FAOTA, the guru behind the “Get Permission Approach” and author of the new PFD treatment book “Anxious Eaters, Anxious Mealtimes: Practical and Compassionate Strategies for Mealtime Peace”.  If you’ve ever struggled with how to bring joy into a PFD treatment session, or worried about how to expand a little one’s accepted diet with laughter, or fretted about what carry over strategies to recommend to the caregivers and family members, then this is the evidenced-based hour for you from one of the worlds leading PFD Occupational Therapists!  So join the grasshopper nation and let’s take a loving leap into the world of PFDs!


By the end of this PodCourse, participants will be able to identify and describe:

  • What the “Get Permission Approach” encompasses.
  • How we can recognize an anxious eater and how to transition them to a “peaceful mealtime”.
  • Strategies to bring confidence to anxious eaters.


Marsha Dunn Klein, OTR/L, MEd, FAOTA

Marsha Dunn Klein is a pediatric occupational therapist who has spent an almost five decade career specializing in feeding infants and young children. She received her bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Boston University Sargent College and Masters of Education from the University of Arizona. She has co-authored Pre-feeding Skills, FIrst and Second Editions, Homemade Blended Formula Handbook and Mealtime Participation Guide with Suzanne Evans Morris and Feeding and Nutrition for the Child with Special Needs with Tracy Delaney. Her most recent book, Anxious Eaters, Anxious Mealtimes: Practical and Compassionate Strategies for Mealtime Peace was published last year.

Having sold her share in her pediatric feeding clinic, Mealtime Connections, Marsha spends her time presenting and writing and consulting, nationally, internationally, though since the pandemic, that has been by virtually and by webinar. She started and is still active in a nonprofit that supports families whose children struggle to eat. Marsha is a food celebrator and when not feeding children and supporting their families, she loves to garden, quilt, cook and dream about traveling again.