Michelle Dawson was excited to participate, alongside numerous colleagues in an American Speech-Language Hearing Association Grant that rolled out a series of videos advocating for Interprofessional Practice. Have you had questions about best practice for IPP and Early Intervention as it pertains to your role on the IFSP team? How are we really supposed to dynamically collaborate with colleagues? Well, then sit back and enjoy this brief, yet impassioned video, as it will hopefully inspire you to dive right in!


Michelle Dawson, MS CCC-SLP, CLC is not endorsing these products or speakers over others available, nor is she receiving financial or non-financial incomes, from any of these alphabetically listed resources. Michelle Dawson, MS CCC-SLP, CLC is simply sharing some tools from her professional toolbox as they each positively shaped her evidence-based practice.  Happy Learning, Folks!!

​Food for Therapeutic Thought: Quick Tips for Treatment


Augmentative and Alternative (AAC) Basics

Just getting your feet wet into the world of AAC? Or are you a seasoned Clinician, but still feel that you are struggling and have questions? Then check out this amazing PDF that was put together by the one and only Carol Page, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, ATP, CBIS, Director of the SC Assistive Technology Office. This document even includes the patient’s “Communication Bill of Rights”, which was designed by numerous well-respected entities, including our very own ASHA! Let this be a fabulous starting point or a compass if you find yourself lost in the wide world of AAC. Enjoy folks!


American Board of Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders

When I want to seek advice from the experts in our field: this is one of my go-to places for CEUS, practical advice, and finding an expert in my local area. For those that desire to obtain this certification, they can provide you mentorship and guidance on how to pursue your passion.

ASHA SIG research articles

It can be a daunting task to find EBP articles in the areas of pediatric dysphagia and for implementation of practical strategies for AAC devices…until I was guided to the ASHA SIG research articles. These quarterly publications have provided so much insight into functional strategies to help patients meet their unique ADL goals. One of my favorite aspects of the SIG articles is that they are immediately applicable. In short, they are researched to practice at their best!!

ASHA Practice Portal

As mentioned in numerous lectures, ASHA does so much for SLPs on a day-to-day basis. This tool has been a game-changer for supporting how I complete evaluations, create plan of cares, and in general provide improved effective ST for pediatric dysphagia and those that require AAC devices. A lot of great minds went into seeing the Practice Portal come to fruition…stand on their shoulders!! Share this resource and pay it forward to colleagues and patients.


Sometimes, a family member is the first person to have concerns for their little one’s feeding, swallowing or speech development. When this occurs, parents and guardians of legal residents of SC are able to make a referral to Babynet to see if they qualify for services. Babynet is SC’s birth to 3 special education service, and they offer bilingual assistance if necessary for the referral process.

Certified Lactation Counselor Training Course

The Center for Breastfeeding’s Lactation Counselor Training Course is a college-level course designed to provide up-to-date, research-based information and clinical competency validation for the provision of professional lactation care. This five-day course is offered at a variety of locations throughout the United States and around the world, training over 4,500 participants annually.

“Confidence & Joy: Success Strategies for Kids with Learning Differences: A Step-by-Step Guidebook for Parents and Professionals”

This amazingly uplifting book, authored by Dr. Deborah Ross-Swain and Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider, is designed to offer functional advice to teach learning strategies. It’s written from the perspective of seasoned SLPs and Educators who have a passion in their souls for seeing each child succeed academically…but by first seeing them succeed individually with their self confidence!

James Coyle, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BCS-S, ASHA Fellow

When I wanted to know more about medical terminology and the implications of breakdowns in the aerodigestive tract, I turned to as many courses as I could get my hands on from Dr. James Coyle! He is a professor and a well-respected BRS-S Speech-Language Pathologist. I truly feel he expanded my “EVB Triangle” with every course in which I participated.

Drugs and Dysphagia: How Medications Can Affect Eating and Swallowing E-Book

When treating a patient that is medically complex and requires a significant amount of medications, it is important to know that these medications can interact with their ability for PO. I was recommended the text Drugs and Dysphagia many years ago by a colleague who I dearly respect. It has helped me grow as a clinician in more ways than I expected!

Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation

Where this foundation does an excellent job educating clinicians, it does a heartfelt job of educating patients, their families, and caregivers on types of tubes our patients and loved ones use, common side effects, and provides resources and contacts in the feeding tube community to support them on their respective journeys.

Tom Franceschini, MS, CCC-SLP

Tom Franchesni was the presenter for the first CEU course I took as a CF. He opened my eyes to the long-term implications of GERD and the benefits of “free water”. He inspired me from the moment he started speaking that day many years ago. He is a respected lecturer and his courses continue to give me professional guidance.

My Munch Bug Blog

I have so enjoyed Melanie Potock’s blogs offering functional advice for families of little ones with picky feeding disorders. She offers sage insight on topics varying from the use of sippy cups, squeeze pouch foods, as well as how to handle mealtime stress. Her articles are as lovely as she is…especially when you get to meet her in person!!

National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders

NFOSD and Michelle fundamentally believe that knowledge should be shared, and we should build each other. It does take a village to raise a kiddo, and it does take a village to provide effective EBP. Check out this online village for support.

Napoleon’s Buttons: How 17 Molecules Changed History

How 17 Molecules Changed History: Who knew spices have made such an impact on the course of history! All nerdy-ness aside, this pleasure read made me reconsider the interplay of cultural competencies and spice racks when treating little ones with feeding aversions.

​Nobody Ever Told Me (or My Mother) That!: Everything from Bottles and Breathing to Healthy Speech Development

Diane Bahr’s book, Nobody Ever Told Me (or My Mother) That!, helped shape my understanding of typical development for PO and guidance for breakdowns for some common medical diagnoses. I have read and reread the book, highlighted it, and dog-eared some pages. She truly is amazing, and this literature is a pediatric dysphagia work of art!

Mary Roach

Sometimes a body needs a fresh take on the alimentary canal. This delivers fantastic practical research with a touch of humor, and in truth, this resource challenges one to look holistically at the art of eating and interplay with a variety of organ systems. What a great read for this feeding and swallowing SLP!!

South Carolina Assistive Technology Program

No secret…I am such a fan of SCATP! Need a free consultation on what AAC device might be right for you child? In need of some gently used AT/AAC equipment? Need your spirits lifted and enlightened at an annual conference in March geared towards AAC users, their family, and their rehab team? Then SCATP might be the solution for you!

South Carolina Equipment Distribution Program (SCEDP)

The South Carolina Equipment Distribution Program (SCEDP) is a fantastic resource for clinicians and families! If you are serving a child, or have a loved one that is in need, as long as they are 5 years or older, and have a diagnosis of a hearing and/or speech-language impairment, then the SCEDP will provide them with an iPad with an AAC app, as well as other telephone equipment and alerting devices at NO COST!!”

South Carolina Speech Language Hearing Association (SCSHA)

This may be a shameless plug for SCSHA, but it is well documented that this association is near and dear to HWST and Michelle’s heart. Have you attended one of the conventions or fall conferences lately? They are amazing! Fantastic opportunities for education, worthy fundraising events for scholarships, and a place to advocate for changes in our profession right here in our state! So yes, #WEARESCSHA !