First Bite #7 – July 24, 2018

Teamwork…what? IFSP to IEP…it too can happen!

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Course Description

Ms. Karina McCollam, ECSE teacher, joins Michelle for this interview, where we have that crucial conversation about IFSP to IEP transitions.  Do you despise that “ohhh-to-common” breakdown in communication during this critical period too? Sit back and enjoy as functional strategies are discussed to address this concern.


By the end of this PodCourse, participants will be able to identify and describe:

  • 4 potential IFSP/IEP team members and their roles in the transition process.
  • 2 communication methods to promote teamwork during this transition process.
  • 3 positive ways that children could benefit from their teams working collaboratively.


Karina McCollam

Karina McCollam has been teaching for 14 years in the birth-5 year old age level, spending most of those years working with children with special needs. She has a passion for working with the medically fragile and medically complex children, which means dynamically engaging with their teams as well. Her educational background includes a BS from Coastal Carolina University in Early Childhood and an Individually Designed Master’s in Special Education from Lesley University. She has also taken numerous professional development courses related to the unique needs of the students she teaches. Karina firmly believes that the most valuable information she has learned about the children she works with comes from their parents and the team of therapists that play a vital role in their lives.