First Bite #105 – June 16, 2020

The Curious Crossroads of BCBA and CCC’s

(.1 ASHA and AOTA CEUs) For more info, click here.

Course Description

In this episode, Michelle is joined by Sari Risen, M.A., CCC-SLP, Reg. CASLPO, BCBA, from Toronto, Canada, and they tackle the complicated topic of ABA Therapy and Speech Therapy…within the framework of the fields working collaboratively!  Join the ladies as Sari takes First Bite Listeners on an Interprofessional Education tour of the process it takes to earn a BCBA certification, explains the differences and similarities between the terminology of the ABA and SLP worlds, and shares the theory of language acquisition that is the framework for the BCBA approach.  Extra tidbit…there’s a mini crash course on the differences between licenses in the States and Canada!  Here’s hoping that these crossroads conversations can lead to collaboration at a local level ☺


By the end of this PodCourse, participants will be able to identify and describe:

  • The training and coursework in order to receive a BCBA Certification.
  • The difference in terminology between the world of Speech Language Pathology and ABA Therapy.
  • The theory of language acquisition that is the framework for the BCBA approach.


Sari Risen, M.A., CCC-SLP, Reg. CASLPO, BCBA

Sari Risen is a speech-language pathologist as well as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (i.e., a practitioner of applied behavior analysis). She has had extensive experience working with individuals with complex communication needs, including individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and individuals with intellectual disabilities. She is experienced in providing treatment to improve speech clarity, using a variety of methods, including Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing (DTTC), the Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol, and PROMPT.

Having conducted her Master’s thesis in the area of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), Sari has always had a strong interest in this area and continues to have a strong focus on serving individuals with AAC needs within her practice. Sari also has experience in addressing feeding concerns in children with food selectivity and oral motor concerns. She has received training in the SOS approach and combines strategies from this approach with strategies from the science of applied behavior analysis when serving clients with feeding disorders.