First Bite #102 – May 26, 2020

Mindful Nutrition with @MaKaiNutrition

(.1 ASHA and AOTA CEUs) For more info, click here.

Course Description

In this episode, Michelle is joined by Marissa Kai is an Intuitive Eating nutritionist (soon-to-be Registered Dietitian), from @MaKaiNutrition on Instagram. For many of us, our relationship with food has changed drastically since the start of the pandemic…becoming either source of pleasure or stress. Comedic posts of the “Pandemic Pounds” and “Pandemic Beach Body” are plentiful on social media these days, but for some, it only adds to the burden of their current situation. Marissa is here to help address the fears and turn mealtime for the SLP back into a source of mirth and merriment! Mindful Nutrition for the SLP’s soul and tastebuds is possible, so join us for an hour of self-care straight from our pantry to yours!


By the end of this PodCourse, participants will be able to identify and describe:

  • Evidenced-based philosophy for mindful nutrition.
  • Strategies for implementing mindful nutrition during the pandemic.
  • Steps to break away from unhealthy dieting and benefits it brings to the mental health of a clinician.


Marissa Kai

Marissa Kai is an Intuitive Eating nutritionist. She works virtually with women who got sucked into diet culture to break the diet cycle, re-learn how to listen to their body, and find healthful movement and nutrition habits that they enjoy! Marissa’s passion lies in helping women recover from dieting, disordered eating, and eating disorders. Through her coaching, she teaches women the fundamentals of intuitive eating and how to incorporate these principles into life after dieting. By providing proven intuitive eating principles, up-to-date nutrition science, and individualized coaching and support, she helps women transform their health and their relationship with their bodies. Marissa now runs a food freedom virtual practice MaKai Nutrition, which you can find on Instagram for helpful advice and resources @MaKaiNutrition