First Bite #49 – May 28, 2019

Raising Red Flags for Dyslexia

(.1 ASHA and AOTA CEUs) For more info, click here.

Course Description

In this episode, Michelle is joined by the multi-talented Susan Lee, MA CCC-SLP, of Anderson, IN. If you’re in the world of early intervention or pediatric home health, then you probably don’t treat patients who have dyslexia on a regular basis…however I bet you have had had patients that you were concerned about! Well, Susan Lee, who was also trained in Orton-Gillingham techniques, is here to decode warning signs for dyslexia in our youngsters! She will share early warning signs, explain at what age a child can participate in a formal evaluation, as well as offer functional advice on what advice to share with a patient’s family when you do see early warning signs.


By the end of this PodCourse, participants will be able to identify and describe:

  • 3 early warning signs for dyslexia.
  • When and why at that particular age a child can be tested for dyslexia.
  • 2 functional explanations to communicate to parents/guardians when a patient does present with early warning signs of dyslexia.


Susan Lee, MA CCC-SLP

Susan Lee is a fully certified and licensed Speech and Language Pathologist with over 22 years of experience in both medical and educational settings, including 9 years providing early intervention services. As a Dyslexia Consultant, Susan has participated in over 100 hours of training in the area of Dyslexia, including Orton-Gillingham techniques. Susan is experienced in completing dyslexia screenings and assessments and providing successful Orton-Gillingham based tutoring services. She frequently gives seminars and inservices about dyslexia in her local area.